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Writer's Guides

Writing is recognised as one of the best ways to unlock your creativity and organise your thoughts. Keeping a journal is a practice that many successful people have done to unlock their thoughts and feelings and to keep a record. It is widely accepted that writing a journal has mental health benefits. Not only does it give you an emotional release valve, it allows you to relive events in a safe environment with fear or stress. Writing regularly in a journal is a great habit to get into and will help you unlock your creative potential.

Our certificate in Introduction to Journaling online course will introduce you to the different journaling techniques (including dream journaling) and a raft of journaling tools that you can use.

You will learn:

  • a seven step journaling process that will help you get started journaling
  • privacy protection
  • tools to enrich your journaling and keep you motivated
  • How to journal for self-discovery, emotional wellbeing and creativity
  • How to journal through crisis and change
  • How to use a journal to develop your career

Writing a journal can help you to unlock your full potential.

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