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Online Relationship Counselling Courses

Relationships are complicated and people often need help to assess and repair their relationships. Skilled empathetic relationship counsellors can have a positive impact upon people’s lives. If you are a good listener, are non-judgemental and can be empathetic then you may make a very good relationship counsellor.

The introduction to relationship counselling course will give you an excellent introduction to relationship counselling and equip you with skills and techniques that you can apply in your personal life or in a professional helper role.

You will learn

  • All about relationships and the relationship counselling process
  • How a relationship counselling practice operates
  • How to perform a self-analysis
  • Verbal and no verbal communication signals
  • How to recognise healthy relationships
  • How to assist with improving unhealthy relationships
  • Communication techniques that can help improve relationships.

This is an excellent introductory level course and opens career possibilities besides relationship counselling such as life coach, guidance counsellor, personal counsellor, pastoral care, aged carer, personal carer, children’s counsellor and an anti- bullying coach.

The introduction to relationship counselling course will give you a better understanding of how relationships work and how you can help to build better ones.

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