Online Reading and Writing Courses

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Online Reading and Writing Courses

It is an unfortunate fact that a large percentage of students find it difficult to learn to read and write. Helping these people get up to speed is a challenging yet potentially very rewarding exercise. Empowering students to communicate to their full potential using the written word is both wonderful and exciting.

Our Certificate in Guided reading and writing course will give you all of the tools to assist students having difficulty learning this necessary skill to get back on track. This course provides a total guided reading framework that all fits together in a comprehensive package. We give you the full framework – guided reading, writing, engagement and assessment that will inspire and motivate your students to develop their reading and writing to their full potential.

Once you understand the concepts of the total literacy framework, we will show you how to adapt it to a variety of K-12 circumstance. If you're looking for the right way to empower students to read and write with fluency, the Certificate in Guided Reading and Writing Online Course is going to help you deliver positive literacy results.

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