Online Personal Assistant Courses

Personal and executive assistants perform vital hands on roles in a variety of business settings. A valued personal assistant does much more than answer the phone and organise meetings. Personal assistants are trusted to organise travel itineraries, delegate work and to manage diaries. No two personal assistant roles are exactly the same and the role will be largely defined by the person you work for but there are opportunities to work with dynamic people in challenging and diverse roles.

Our Executive and Personal Assistants online course will give you the skills to be an Executive or Personal assistant. You will be taught how to adapt to the needs of management, communicate appropriately in writing and verbally; manage your time effectively; use all the tools of the trade that are available to you and how to act as that all important gatekeeper.

Personal assistants who can work closely with management and make the business run smoothly are highly valued team members who can enjoy a rewarding and satisfying career that will be varied, at times stressful but always interesting. Get started with your Personal Assistant career today by enrolling in our online course.

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