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Online Music Courses

Producing quality recorded music is an exciting and potentially profitable means of expressing yourself. With today’s affordable music producing software like Ableton Live, you can produce quality music of International quality from your bedroom. Ableton Live is designed to help with live performance as well as composing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering.

The Ableton Live course for Intermediates and Beginners is an excellent introduction to using this software to produce excellent music. You will learn Advanced Mixing, Audio clip Editing, Side chaining, advanced synthesising, working with looping and advanced FX. This is an excellent introduction to producing your own music.

You can take it the next step by enrolling in the Ableton Live Course Advanced and learn advanced techniques in the music creation process. The course will encourage you to employ advanced techniques to take your music creativity in exciting new directions.

If you are looking to learn an instrument in the traditional sense, our Certificate in Introduction to Guitar Online course, you will learn the fundamentals of guitar. It’s all covered, from chord and note construction through to rhythm and tempo. What you will learn from the Certificate in Introduction to Guitar Online course will give you great grounding for all styles of guitar playing from country through to Hard Rock.

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