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Online Lawn & Garden Care Courses

Over the past twenty years the demand for lawn and garden care experts has exploded as people look to maximize their leisure time and seek to outsource tasks like garden maintenance. The demand is so great that a properly run lawn and garden care business can earn over two thousand dollars per week.

The opportunities for people who enjoy working in the outdoors in areas such as garden maintenance, horticulture and landscaping are growing daily. People are no longer looking for people to just cut the lawn, they’re looking for people who know how to care for and maintain a garden. Gaining a certificate in Lawn and Garden Care will give you a competitive edge over the competition and give you the confidence to sell your services in a professional manner. While a Certificate in Landscape and Garden Design or Landscape Construction will give you all the skills and knowledge to start a landscaping business. The opportunities to build a business around lawn and garden care are many and varied; you can even take a course in Growing Plants for Fun and Profit or Starting a Vegetable Garden.

There are great opportunities to profit from the Lawn and Garden Care industry. You can start your own Garden care or landscaping business, or you can use the skills you learn in these courses to take care of your own garden.

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