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Online Investigative Services Courses

Are you a bit of a spy by nature? Do you love the thrill of the chase? Is it time you focus on a job that you’ll really like?

The investigative services field is never boring and allows you to life to the fullest. Not only will you work on projects that have you tracking down fraudsters, you could also help citizens find details about their partner’s infidelities. These are just some of the exciting cases you could expect to work on. You’ll learn how to safely work within the investigative services industry, develop and conduct an investigation, perform advanced surveillance techniques and compile reports, as well as understand how to present them as evidence in court. The Certificate III in Investigative Services grants you the options to work in fields such as; private investigator, investigative agent, detective, covert surveillance team member, legal assistant, criminal interviewer, research officer and fraud specialist.

If any of these roles sound like something that you could see yourself doing, the answer you need to ask yourself is ‘if not now, then when?’. Investigative services is a highly rewarding industry, helping to dispense justice to people that have been doing the wrong things. You can be the hero of the day!

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