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Certificate in Preston Bailey's Fundamentals of Floral Design Online Course

Learn to identify, recognize, and understand how to use the tools of floral design

The Preston Bailey Floral Design course is an opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals of floral design from Preston Bailey, the industry's most highly regarded floral design expert

Learn the fundamentals of floral design from Preston Bailey, the industry's most highly regarded floral design expert. This program is for beginners who may have no experience with flowers, flower arranging, or floral design. This course walks students through all the steps needed to become a professional florist or floral designer.

Students who complete this program will be able to establish themselves as professional florists. This course provides the tools, techniques, floral encyclopedia, and wholesale ordering tips that will help any student launch a business in the floral industry.

In this program, students will also learn how to identify, approach, and set up an internship in their local area. They will receive notices of internship opportunities and industry conferences and events.

Customized internships are set for each graduate that applies. There is a small application fee, and students are required to submit a cover letter and resume with each application. Each student will then participate in an interview with Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute (LWPI) prior to participating in an interview with a potential internship host.

Job placement assistance is also available once the internship is completed and positive feedback from the host is received.

When you register you receive six (6) months to complete this program

In this course, learn to identify, recognize, and understand how to use the tools of floral design.

This course will teach you the following basics:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding and fundamental knowledge of floral design tools
  • Understand the purpose for processing and how it affects the outcome and longevity of a floral design
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the methods used to process flowers for design
  • Learn the basic fundamentals of purchasing flowers wholesale when preparing for the design of flowers for an event

You will also learn supplemental knowledge, such as how to do the following:

  • Recognize each flower and gain knowledge of seasonality and availability
  • Identify the most common types of greenery and the details of ordering them wholesale
  • Understand and learn the flower and greenery names, geographic locations and blooming seasons
  • Understand how selected flowers are designed individually in preparation for a design concept
  • Understanding of how to prepare, design, and structure a flower for a design concept
  • Understand that floral design encompasses more than flowers
  • Identify various materials that fall within the floral design practice
  • Identify materials other than flowers that can be used within a floral design concept
  • Set up an internship in your local area

Course Fast Facts:

  • This course is delivered 100% on-line and is accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone
  • Instructors lead each course and you will be able to interact with them and ask questions
  • You can study from home or at work at your own pace in your own time
  • You will be awarded a certificate at completion of this course

Course Delivery

Upon enrolment, an automated welcome email will be sent to you (please check your junk email inbox if not received as this is an automated email), in order for you to access your online course, which is Available 24/7 on any computer or smart mobile device. New courses start every month to ensure that we have the correct ratio of students to tutors available, please ensure you select a starting date when you go through our shopping cart, at checkout. The course is easy to follow and understand.

Recognition & Accreditation

All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion with a passing score (for the online assessment) and will be issued a certificate via email.

  1. Introduction
    1. Create Floral Design Tool Kit
    2. Research Business License
  2. Experiments
    1. Processed experiment
    2. Non-Processed experiment
  3. Reference Binder Project
    1. Research
    2. Create a Reference Binder
  4. Industry Insight
    1. Alternative Floral Design Techniques
    2. Sharing a Floral Design Techniques
  5. Non Floral Material
    1. Discuss Non floral materials
    2. Research
    3. Create a Portfolio of non floral materials
  6. Ideas and Practice
    1. Corsages and boutonnieres
    2. Ceremony Décor
    3. Creating a collage
    4. Rose Boutonnieres
    5. Orchid Boutonnieres
    6. Creating a corsage
    7. 3-loop bow
  7. Bridal Bouquets
    1. Round Bridal Bouquets
    2. Long Bridal Bouquets
  8. Centerpieces
    1. Create a vase arrangement
    2. Create a small topiary
    3. Create a long/ low centerpiece
    4. Create 2-foot garland
  9. Final Project & Exam

This program can be taken from either a Mac or a PC. It is compatible with Windows XP and later operating systems and IE 7 and later browsers. There are no specific computer requirements other than an Internet connection, e-mail account, Microsoft Word (for assignment submissions), and Windows Media Player, which is available as a free download.

It is recommended that you use the latest version of Internet Explorer in place of other Web browsers. Use of Microsoft Power Point is recommended but not required.

Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader are required for this program. 

Click here to download the Acrobat Reader.
Click here to download the Flash Player.

We recommend that you take Certified Wedding Planner and Preston Bailey’s Signature Wedding & Event Design prior to enrolling in this course.

1. Can I register for programs if I am an international student?

Yes, because These programs are online you never have to actually travel to the school. Most schools offer telephone or online registration.

2. How long does it take to complete a program?

All of our programs are self-paced and open enrollment, so you can start them when you want and finish them at your own pace. When you register you receive six (6) months to complete this program.

3. Do I have to buy additional materials?

No additional materials are required.

4. Can I get financial assistance?

These courses are non-credit courses, so they do not qualify for federal aid. In some states, vocational rehab or workforce development boards will pay for qualified students to take our courses. Additionally, some students may qualify for financial assistance when they enroll, if they meet certain requirements.

5. What happens when I complete the program?

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

6. Am I guaranteed a job?

These programs will provide you with the skills you need to obtain an entry-level position in most cases. We don’t provide direct job placement services, but our facilitators and career counselors will help you build your resume and are available to give advice on finding your first job. Facilitators will also be available to use as a professional reference upon completion of the program. Potential students should always do research on the job market in their area before registering.

7. Who will be my instructor?

Each student is paired with a facilitator for one-on-one interaction. The facilitator will be available (via e-mail) to answer any questions you may have and to provide feedback on your performance. All of our facilitators are successful working professionals in the fields in which they teach.

8. What software or hardware do I need in order to take online programs and what are the system requirements?

In order to take our online programs, you must have access to a computer and the Internet. You can access the program contents from any Web-enabled computer. You don’t have to use the same computer to log-in to the program every time. We recommend that you have a word-processing program (Microsoft Word is best) and the latest version of Internet Explorer.

9. Can I use a Mac?

Yes, you can use a Mac for this program.

10. When can I start the program?

Our programs are all open enrollment. You can register and start the program as soon as you are ready.

Please note: Once the program curriculum is accessed online or through submission of a material shipment confirmation, refunds cannot be issued.

11. Once I complete a course, do I receive a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate that you can display from Preston Bailey and The Wedding Planning Institute.

12.   What if I don't have enough time to complete my program within the time frame provided?

The time allotted to complete your program has been calculated based on the number of hours for each program, so don't worry too much about not completing in time. If, after a concerted effort, you are still unable to complete, your Student Advisor will help you work out a suitable completion date. Please note that a fee may be charged for an extension.


Preston Bailey has been considered one of the world's premier event designers and tastemakers. With 30-plus years of experience with his namesake company Preston Bailey Designs, he is best known for his ability to completely transform raw, ordinary spaces, into opulent, theatrical environments, translating his clients’ fantasies into awe-inspiring realities. His one-of-kind events have attracted  clients as Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Uma Thurman, Joan Rivers, Donna Karan, Liza Minnelli, Matt Lauer, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ivanka Trump and others.

An author, he has written four bestselling books entitled Design for EntertainingFantasy WeddingsInspirations, and his newest book, Celebrations, which was released by Rizzoli in October 2009.  Headquartered in New York City, Preston Bailey Designs maintains international offices in Indonesia and the Middle East.              

Angie Zimmerman is the CEO and founder of Angie Zimmerman Designs, a full service floral design firm specializing in weddings and special events. Angie has over 20 years of experience in the floral industry operating floral shops in multiple locations from San Ramon to El Dorado Hills, CA. Angie obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco in 1989. Currently, she operates her floral design company out of El Dorado Hills, CA and is the instructor and author of Preston Bailey’s Fundamentals of Floral Design course offered by The Wedding Planning Institute and the lead instructor for Preston Bailey’s Intermediate Floral Design.

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Course Summary

Course ID No.: 007GES239
Delivery Mode: Online
Course Access: 6 months to complete this program
Tutor Support: Yes
Time required: 240 Hours