Bookkeeping – An Essential Business Skill

If there’s one skill that is essential to every business it’s bookkeeping. It’s absolutely essential that every business has the necessary skills employed to maintain accurate accounts records. A bookkeeper’s skill set at a minimum should include:

  • maintaining a set of accounts;
  • recording cash transactions;
  • maintaining a register of debtors and creditors; and
  • being able to perform bank, supplier and general ledger reconciliation.

The opportunities for bookkeepers to gain employment as a wage and salary earner or as a small business owner are almost limitless. Every business owner needs a reliable bookkeeper who can maintain and present accurate records.

Regardless of whether you are running your own small business, looking for work as an accounts clerk or thinking about running your own bookkeeping business you really need to make sure you have the required skills to meet the demands of modern day bookkeeping.

There are two courses that can really help you to build your bookkeeping skills.

The introduction to bookkeeping basics course is ideal if you want to come to grips with the basics of bookkeeping. The course will walk you through key bookkeeping concepts such as business structures, accounting, transactions and definitions, accounts and definitions, accounting and transactions and accounts and financial statements. It will also give you a working knowledge of GST (Goods and Services Tax). This easy to follow course can be completed within eight to ten hours.

For those looking for a little more in-depth instruction, the certificate in business bookkeeping online course is just the ticket.

Developed in conjunction with MYOB software and accountants this course is nationally recognised by employer groups and covers all aspects of bookkeeping including fundamentals, general ledgers, general journals, trial balancing, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, accruals, prepayments, budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management.

This is the perfect course for somebody looking to make a career in bookkeeping or to fully manage their own set of business accounts.

Remove the mystery of bookkeeping and empower your business management by taking the certificate in bookkeeping online course today.


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